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The word IRIDA derives from the ancient Greek word “Iris”, meaning “ goddess of the rainbow.” So is the brand, fun and vibrant!

Founded and designed in India by Riddhi Patel, a NIFT Mumbai alum, re-purposing the smallest discarded resources into treasured objects is the brand inspiration. We believe that the ultimate practical thing is to avail of something already produced.

Up-cycled leather jewelry is the recent collection. The pieces address ethicality through the use of locally bought leather leftovers from leather workshops in Dharavi, India. It is one of the largest slums in Asia, with the leather industry as a major means of livelihood. A lot of energy and resources are consumed to produce finished genuine leather, which lasts for many years. Scraps that usually end up in a landfill or are used as stuffing, become an extra source of income for the workshop owners. The resulting statement jewelry generates a quality enhancement to this trash significantly. No two pieces are alike, giving each one its distinct uniqueness.

A whole lot of things can be given a second life. Every day is a chance to reinvent yourself.

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